About James Aubry Ohio

Raised in Perrysburg, Ohio, James Aubry grew up attending Catholic schools, listening to classic rock music, and enjoyed time with his nine brothers and sisters. A hard worker from a young age, he oversaw his own painting company during high school and into college, which afforded him the opportunity to complete projects on both residences and businesses. Today, with three sons of his own enrolled in college, James Aubry partakes in several recreational pursuits when not working, and he has endeavors to give back to his community as well. Jim Aubry has worked on improving a home through Habitat for Humanity, and he has donated his time to Vision Ministries, a church in Toledo, Ohio.

In other charitable pursuits, he along with other members of his photo arts club, offered photographs at no charge for underserved area families through the Family Center. An enthusiastic photographer, Jim Aubry has documented urban centers, natural surroundings, and people, and he is skilled with Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. Aside from photography, James Aubry enjoys hobbies such as running, traveling, and birding.


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